A person may join NRHBC by completing each of the following steps:

Step 1: Place Your Faith in Christ

The Bible tells us that the greatest transformation we will ever experience is that of salvation through Jesus Christ. We are saved by repenting of our sin and placing our faith in him. In doing so, we are stating that Jesus took the punishment that we deserved on the cross. In exchange, we receive salvation from that day forward through all of eternity. 

Step 2: Follow in Baptism

Baptism is the first step of obedience for a new believer.  It is a "picture" of the end of your "old life" and the beginning of your "new life" in Christ. (Rom. 6:34) Scheduled on the fourth Sunday of each month, Baptism Sundays allow the entire church to celebrate your salvation and commit to encouraging you in the years to come.

Child Baptisms - If you have a child that has placed their faith in Christ and is expressing interest in baptism, be sure to contact our children's minister or campus pastor. We have a class called, New Discoveries to insure that children understand their decision and what the Bible teaches about salvation and baptism. 

Step 3: Sign the Church Covenant

The final step of the membership process is the signing of the membership covenant. This document can be found at the NRHBC New Member's Class, which takes place on the second Sunday of each month. The class will cover what we believe, the five core values of the church and how to get involved. The covenant simply communicates that we have talked about what biblical church membership looks like and what opportunities are available at NRHBC.