Policy for Registered Sex Offenders

The Church accepts as central to its mission the establishment and maintenance of
a caring environment for every child of God, not least our own children, and a place
of grace for all sinners, including those whose crimes are public. Knowing that
children are at risk, not yet having the ability to protect themselves, we determine to
provide protection for them by carefully monitoring any known Registered Sex
Offender participating in the life of this congregation.

Knowing that God’s grace has been extended to all, that grace invites repentance
and that repentance requires acknowledgement of sin, sorrow for sin, and a turning
away from sin, all with the support and prayers of God’s people. We determine to
provide a means that a Registered Sex Offender can live in that grace in the life of
this congregation. Toward this end we establish the following policy with regard to
the presence of Registered Sex Offenders in the life of the congregation.