God is the all knowing, all powerful, ever present creator of the universe. He is the one and only true and living God. He eternally exists in three inseparable persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, distinct in function, yet equal in substance. God's character consists of attributes both unshared with his creation, such as his eternal nature and shared with his creation, such as mercy. God is deserving of creation's worship and obedience. All creation is totally dependent upon Him.

Jesus Christ 

Jesus is the Son of God, Savior of man, and Lord of all. He is fully man, yet has a sinless nature and lived a sinless life. Jesus is fully eternal God, yet humbled himself in obedience to the Father. Jesus demonstrated His obedience to the Father and love for mankind by dying on the cross, bearing the wrath of the Father against sinful man. He rose bodily from the grave and ascended to the right hand of the Father where He intercedes for His own. Jesus will return to redeem the church and execute final judgment.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit manifests God's active presence in the world. The Holy Spirit secures every Christian until Christ returns. The Holy Spirit empowers for service, convicts and purifies of sin, and illuminates God's will to His people. The Holy Spirit is always verified through scripture.

Human Beings

People are created in God's image and for His glory, but are separated from God by their sin. People are the crowning work of God's creation and are designed to enjoy a relationship with Him. People are born with a sin nature as a result of Adam's sin, and are born into an environment inclined toward sin. People are unable to escape the wrath of God on their own. People's inherited sin nature brings physical death, spiritual condemnation and eternal judgment in hell.


Salvation is a free gift from God that cannot be earned. Salvation requires repentance of sin through the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Salvation begins with the confession of Christ alone as Lord, and belief in His death and resurrection. Salvation comes to fruition in the eternal dwelling with God.

The Bible

The Bible is the written word of God, testifying to the living word of God, Jesus Christ. The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and was written by men. The Bible is authoritative as God's revelation and is sufficient for all matters of belief and behavior. The Bible is accurate when it is true to its original writing. 

The Church

The Church is God's people, partnering in God's redemptive mission. The Church is discipleship pursued in Christian community. The Church is the visible and verbal expression of the gospel in the world. The Church is governed by Christ and practices the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper. The Church is the body of Christ expressed as local congregations and as a universal community.

The Great Commission

The Great Commission is the responsibility of all believers to share their faith with others. It is about making disciples, which is the full commitment of one's life to Christ. The Great Commission is empowered by the Holy Spirit and is to be followed locally, regionally, and globally.

Read The Baptist Faith and Message for a more detailed explanation of the biblical beliefs of our church and Southern Baptists.